How to transition from the military, improve your value, and find the right career

Turn Failure Into A Success

How To Turn Failure Into A Success Story

Turn Failure Into A Success I don’t talk about my deployment often and have never told this story to anyone that did not need to hear it, so what better platform to discuss it than on the internet. Each one of us has failed at something in our life. The type of person you are Read more about How To Turn Failure Into A Success Story[…]

Social Media Tree
Warrior To Patriot Citizen
Staying Fit After Transitioning
Interview Attire

Interview Attire: How to Dress

Interview Attire I dominated my first job interview because I wore a custom tailored suit. That seems extreme and unreasonable, but it’s the truth. The interviewer exclaimed, “That’s a great looking suit!” From that point on I was confident enough to answer his questions confidently and intelligently. Your interview attire provides the ability to feel Read more about Interview Attire: How to Dress[…]

Victorious Veteran Transition Lessons Resources Victorious Veterans

Welcome To Victorious Veterans

Congratulations! The military provides structure, leadership opportunities, and specific instructions for important missions. But what happens when it is time to seek civilian opportunities by leaving the military? Look no further. Victorious Veterans is here to help clarify the confusing process with tips and tricks learned from veterans that recently went through it. This website Read more about Welcome To Victorious Veterans[…]

Prepare for an Interview
Financial Success

Financial Success For Veterans

The number one financial lesson I learned from transitioning out of the military. Financial stability, awareness and preparation are not easy topics to think about especially with all of the other stresses of transitioning. Anything about saving, investing or even budgeting can be complicated and hard to figure out. Well don’t worry. I have mapped Read more about Financial Success For Veterans[…]

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