July 3, 2017

About Victorious Veterans

Victorious Veterans

I created this website due to my struggles while transitioning. The process felt overwhelming, unclear, and unorganized and not feeling like I was set up for success. My site brings all the knowledge about transitioning from the military to the civilian world together in one spot. It eliminates the need to conduct research on interviewing skills, resume writing or job hunting.  The information in this site can help you regardless of your separation status while exiting the military. You can be retiring, ETSing, or getting chaptered out and my articles will drastically improve your chances of getting a high-quality job after your service. Just sign up below for exclusive articles, at no cost.

Here is a little about me:

I spent slightly over five years in the Army as a field artillery officer and decided to change careers after my service obligation. I graduated from West Point, commissioned into active duty, deployed to Afghanistan, and worked my way up the ranks to command a 140 person battery before I ETSd. My short military career connected me with the best Soldiers, peers, and leaders in the military. I chose to leave the service because I wanted to pursue a career not based on time in service.

My military skills, leadership experiences, and professional values are highly transferable to the corporate world. There was just one problem that many of you relate to, I had no clue how to translate those skills, experiences, or values into value for the corporate world. I had to dig through tons of websites, blogs, and books to formulate how to get my foot in the door with quality companies.

Then I went through my first interview, and it was a struggle because I lacked practice and proper techniques. So then I used a career placement firm, know as head-hunters, and they were top-notch at teaching me to interview, write a resume, and look for high-quality companies. Now I want to share this knowledge with you.

To tell you about Victorious Veterans, let me describe the goals of the website:

  1. Create a new resource for transitioning service-members and veterans to aid in finding a new career after their military service.
    • Tell you everything there is about interviewing, resume writing, and how to hunt for a new career.
  2. Provide first-hand and recent knowledge to what it is like to transition.
    • I want to convey because y what actually happened when I cleared my post/unit, and give tips on how to make it easier.
  3. Develop a large fan base of current service-members and veterans to tell their experiences from the military, transition research, and job hunt.
    • Create an open forum and broad the Victorious Veteran experience.
    • To accomplish growing the site’s fan base I need you to opt-in for email updates, please! You will get updates on new articles and be entered to win random prizes once the site gets enough support. Sign-up at the bottom of each page, or change to the full site view if on a mobile device!
  4. I eventually want to sell an Ebook full of all the information on the site to make it convenient for you to download and browse without having to flip through all the pages on the site.

Guide Through the Site

  • Transition Lessons  – Provide the lessons I’ve learned from transitioning to the new lifestyle.
  • Enhance Your Value – Gives first-hand insight into the corporate world with interviewing skills, resume building, and financial preparation.
  • Transition Resources – This page has a consolidated list of all resources that made my transition successful.
  • Posts – Contains all articles from the site in chronological order.
  • Donate to Victorious Veterans – There are a ton of hours or research and writing, service fees, and upkeep for the website that add up after a while. Every donation helps keep the site running, and is appreciated beyond words.
  • Contact Me – Is a way for you to ask me anything that you want about the transition process, civilian life, and seek advice.

At The End Of The Day:

Transition to the corporate world is not an easy one-step process. It is ultimately up to you to use this website to enhance your future.

Consequently, you will be better prepared than I was. I want you to have the necessary knowledge to overcome the obstacles attached to transitioning out of the military. Most of all, I want to give you a shot at understanding your value as a veteran, realize your value, take action and empower your life.

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