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The purpose of this site is to provide tips, advice and first-hand knowledge to help with the struggle of transitioning from a veteran to a civilian.
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Crunching the Numbers

Don't be a statistic!
How to beat the odds

Some haunting statistics jumped out when I researched how to transition to the civilian world. Not all of these were negative, but many facts were alarming and made me feel anxious about the transition to civilian life. This blog will help you overcome these statistics and discover a successful way to go about the process. With hard work, dedication and the information you will find in the posts, we can beat these odds together.

  • A Pew survey found that 44% of veterans who served since 9/11 were having trouble adjusting to civilian life.

  • Nearly 9.8 million veterans are in the U.S. workforce, with roughly 32% of them having served in the military after 2001.

  • In 2016, there were 20.9 million veterans. This accounts for 9% of the US population.

  • Unemployment rate for the youngest generations of veterans jumped to 6.3% in January, 2017.


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